I'm Vicki.


Hi I'm Vicki, happily married mum of three, living the  kiwi dream in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand.

I have been a Graphic Designer since I graduated from the Media Design School with a Diploma of Computer Graphics back in 2001. I worked at the New Zealand Herald & Ogilvy Advertising agency here before taking off for some fantastic adventures around the world. Living in London I squeezed in some work at TCC Global to fund further travel before we (me & my other half Steve) made our way back home.

Insert three beautiful children who I have had the privilege of staying home with for their preschool years, while also continuing to freelance for TCC from the comfort of my living room, talk about having your cake and eating it too!

In these fun Mum years I joined my local Playcentre which lead to a few different things, way better parenting, a community and close friends, new skills AND new work opportunities. After completing the adult education programme I started facilitating the courses myself which was something completely new for me but has been the most fantastic learning curve! After getting my confidence with that I took a job as a Centre Support Worker supporting other Playcentres. These two jobs gave me flexibility to earn some pocket money while staying home with my kids annnnnd still getting to keep my finger in the design game doing freelance projects for the New Zealand & Australian offices of TCC Global by night.

Out of work I love playing indoor netball and am at my local courts every Thursday night playing with my own team and often other nights as a fill in.
I watch a bit much Netflix and have an addiction to fonts that I'm trying to curb.

Now that my smallest little person is almost off to school I'd love to find a fun & friendly workplace to become a part of. Wish me luck!